LITTLE ANGELS SCHOOL-CBSE                        

                                                                       Annual Report 2021-22


School aims to be the centre of excellence in education using technology, where the seeds of all round development of children are sown at an early age,  being the Headmistress of the school, I take immense pleasure and pride to present report of our activities and achievements  for the past academic year 2021- 22



Our founder Little Angels Educational society had the desire to create a dynamic environment to bring out the best of every student in a holistic manner with learning focus on the complete development of a child. Little Angel School envisions being the foundation for creating wise leaders rooted in their ethnicity and culture to create a better future for all.


The mission is to achieve the holistic development of students through an excellent academic and physical environment that is conducive to learning, developing creativity and exploration to create healthy strong discipline, bold and competent citizens who will work for the betterment of the nation. The School focuses not only on advanced academics but also on extracurricular and co-curricular activities. Students are trained at a very young age towards incorporating a sense of responsibility, loyalty, team spirit and healthy competition to become dignified personalities. The academic year began with a lot of challenges with offline and online mode. To accomplish all goals our significant, dynamic team of teachers & administrators worked very hard and left no stone unturned.

“Success is the sweet result of hard work combined with the desire to excel and unfailing dedication.”


 RESULTS (2020-21)

Total number of students appeared was 59 of which 25 students scored above 90% ,07 students above 80% and 19 students above  70%. We congratulate our students for their excellent performance and extend warm wishes for their bright future.



The most valuable resource that any school can have is its staff.

The School collectively has an enthusiastic and dedicated team of 45 teachers in the secondary, primary and middle School. In addition we have non-teaching and support staff. Their coordination with each other is what enables the school to function smoothly and grow in new prospectus.

“Innovation is the change that unlocks new value that leads to betterment and success”. 

The school continues to strive towards innovation and latest practices in the field of pedagogy are being continuously incorporated. The school has signed with an external educational team for teaching Robotics from this upcoming year 2022-23.



Meetings of SMC members are held on a regular basis and new members are nominated for the academic year 2022 -23. Meetings have been arranged periodically where the members of SMC are closely involved in most of the academic and co-curricular activities. We thank and congratulate them for their support and cooperation throughout the year.



Competitions and academic activities that go beyond the textbook and the classrooms encourage and foster a healthy and competitive spirit and effective communication skills in the students. The activities are conducted at classroom level, school level and inter house level .Some of these events are handwriting competition ,essay ,debate ,slogan writing competition ,story writing ,elocution ,quiz bee, Akshay Urja Divas and many more. Science, Maths, English, Hindi, GK Olympiads are conducted every year and students perform excellently well in those competitions. Library plays an important role where students can bring their own books for reading or they can take books or magazines to read with an aim to encourage and inculcate the habit of reading. School subscribes to various educational and entertainment magazines which are available for students to borrow and read through the school. The students are encouraged to subscribe to magazines like my cloud etc. Art integrated learning has been the hallmark of the school after the CBSE mandated it as compulsory. Art integrated projects were given for all the subjects who truly attracted a lot of attention and students willingly contributed to its success.

Aristotle rightly said that educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all

Value based sessions are conducted for self-development and personality development of students with an aim to inculcate them values like honesty, gratitude, forgiveness, kindness etc.




Each academic year training, seminars and orientation programs are conducted for students and teachers with a dual focus to improve and efficiently implement innovative ideas in teaching learning practices as well as to take students be on their current levels in teaching- learning counselling sessions are being conducted by reputed personalities and Alumni of school sharing their experience and guides students about various fields they have enrolled.  

“A real teacher is one that he or she must always be a learner”

 In an effort to better themselves, a considerable number of teachers have acquired degrees in B.Ed , D.Ed ,TET as well as other professional degrees in their pursuit of knowledge. The entire staffs of LAEMS undergo training programs CPD (Continuous Professional Development) in between the sessions to brush up and update their teaching skills.


Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities.

Co-curricular are essential attributes for any educational institution as they strengthen the classroom learning as well as develop the personality of a child which are conducted all-round the year to encourage applied education. Some of these activities are card making, best out of waste, poster making, chart making. Participation by the students and teachers in these events is commendable.

“It is said that you must practice like you have never had one and perform like you have never lost”.


Games & Sports Activities

When students are physically fit they will achieve more academically. Games and sports develop a sense of friendliness among the children and also build their team spirit. It has children to develop mental and physical toughness during this in mind the school provides ample opportunities for the students to perform regular exercise yoga and to play and proof they metal in various sports and games many students participated in various events like basketball tournament, chess tournament, cricket tournament, football tournament, kho-kho, volleyball, table tennis tournaments and have won laurels to the school.



Our School has been completely transformed to Digital School wherein each classroom has a projector, interactive whiteboard and panels to facilitate Blended Learning process.

We have a NCC in our curriculum to inculcate unity and discipline thereby inspiring students to pursue defence services as career.



To foster National integration and international understanding, religious and cultural awareness, various occasions –National, religious and cultural festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm and grandeur.

National Festivals: – Independence Day, Republic Day, Kargil Vijay Diwas are celebrated with reverence for our motherland with patriotic song and dances.

School Celebration: – Investiture ceremony was celebrated in a beef eating manner and responsibilities were given to all the elected students to develop a sense of leadership.

Other Celebrations: – School gives recognition to significant global events and celebrates these special days with enthusiasm.  Some of the events celebrated are- Hindi Divas, Children’s Day, Yoga day, Science exhibition, Environment day etc.



 The nationwide lock down following COVID-19 pandemic has led to Online Education which in result has dramatically changed the distinctive rise of E-learning whereby teaching is taken remotely and on digital platforms.

Our teachers were regularly in contact with students and parents and managed online classes regularly. Participation of students through Google classroom was significantly monitored to ensure uninterrupted learning during the challenging COVID time. Integrated Learning was remarkably conducted by our teachers and continues to be a regular practice during regular classrooms.

As we have passed through an unprecedented crisis situation in the year 2020 we have confidently overcome all difficulties. Will and ethics pave the way for the betterment of education and society. We have started regular school since January 2021 using innovative tools to facilitate learning for the students. Before I conclude, let me assure you that along with academics, events keep students engaged and various co-curricular and life skill activities enhance applied education. Remedial teaching, extra classes, revision, class test assignment, project work and end of term exams have kept students involved in academics throughout the year. I render my heartfelt gratitude to the management for their endless support, teaching and non-teaching staff for the hard work rendered.  And Last but not least, I extend my acknowledgement & indebtedness towards the support shown by our parents.


Mrs. Mahek Pahilwani,

Headmistress-Little Angels School.